Color Devices

ONYX is known for driving the most devices on the market. We have rich, collaborative relationships with industry leaders in hardware, and color devices. Often times we are working on drivers long before a device is commercially available for sale. This advance knowledge and insight keeps us ahead of the curve and ensures that you get the highest quality output from an ONYX driver combined with ONYX RIP and color technology. Check out the PrintersCutters, and Color Devices pages for specific information on what devices are supported in your ONYX RIP product or ONYX Thrive workflow solution.

This table lists the manufacturers and color devices that are currently supported by ONYX. Select an individual manufacturer to see a list of specific color devices that are supported.

There are two levels of support for these devices:

Supported – Active device; fully supported
Limited – Discontinued device; limited support

BarbieriBarbieri Spectro LFP RTSupported
BarbieriBarbieri Spectro LFP TexSupported
BarbieriBarbieri Spectropad 2Supported
BarbieriBarbieri SpectroSwingSupported
BarbieriBarbieri SpectropadLimited
FocusFocus 24Limited
GenericDensity Text FileSupported
GenericLab Text FileSupported
GenericSpectral Text FileSupported
GRETAGGRETAG SpectrolinoLimited
GRETAGGRETAG Spectrolino Large PatchLimited
GRETAGGRETAG SpectroScanLimited
GRETAGGRETAG SpectroScan Large PatchLimited
HPHP Latex 360Supported
HPHP Latex 370Supported
HPHP Designjet Z-SeriesLimited
Konica MinoltaFD-9Supported
MacbethMacbeth RD-1200 SeriesLimited
X-RiteX-Rite 504Supported
X-RiteX-Rite 508Supported
X-RiteX-Rite i1 iO Table (Second Generation)Supported
X-RiteX-Rite i1 Pro 2 (Second Generation)Supported
X-RiteSpectroFiler from FileLimited
X-RiteSpectroFiler Spectra from FileLimited
X-RiteX-Rite 518Limited
X-RiteX-Rite 528Limited
X-RiteX-Rite 530Limited
X-RiteX-Rite 918Limited
X-RiteX-Rite 938Limited
X-RiteX-Rite 939Limited
X-RiteX-Rite 948Limited
X-RiteX-Rite 968Limited
X-RiteX-Rite DTP41Limited
X-RiteX-Rite DTP41 Large PatchLimited
X-RiteX-Rite DTP41 Wide StripLimited
X-RiteX-Rite DTP45Limited
X-RiteX-Rite DTP45 StripLimited
X-RiteX-Rite DTP45 Wide StripLimited
X-RiteX-Rite DTP70Limited
X-RiteX-Rite eXactSupported
X-RiteX-Rite i1 (First Generation)Limited
X-RiteX-Rite i1 iO Table (First Generation)Limited
X-RiteX-Rite i1 iSisLimited
X-RiteX-Rite i1 iSis XLLimited
X-RiteX-Rite i1 iSis 2Supported
X-RiteX-Rite i1 Strip (First Generation)Limited
X-RiteX-Rite i1 Strip 6.5 Density (First Generation)Limited
X-RiteX-Rite SP62Limited
X-RiteX-Rite SP62 Large PatchLimited
X-RiteX-Rite SP64Limited
X-RiteX-Rite SP64 Large PatchLimited
X-RiteX-Rite SP68Limited