Success Stories

Don Schumacher Racing Requires Speedy Software to Keep Up with Fast Paced Demands

“We switched to ONYX Thrive over a year ago now and with their latest version we have an immediate and noticeable growth in our print productivity.

Racing is a fast-paced industry and we do everything in-house including graphic design and large scale printing. It’s important to us to have a solution that supports all our file formats and sizes that allows for fast processing and printing with accurate color.

ONYX was recommended to us by HP, our printer manufacturer as the only solution for excellent and consistent color that is the same today as it will be in 5 years from now, which is something we struggled with previously prior to using ONYX. (更多…)

Winning the race with ONYX Thrive

Watch how Andretti Autosport uses ONYX Thrive software as their go-to solution to tackle their wide-format and grand-format business needs. “ONYX has always been the industry standard….” – Jeff Childers, Andretti Autosport.

ONYX SiteSolutions impacts South Korea


We are a growing organization with new buildings, many printers including Efi, HP Latex, Dilli, Flora, Mutoh and Mimaki as well as a number of computer systems to run everything. As we grew, we needed a solution that could run our entire site, across two buildings from one central location. Not only that, but we needed a solution that could handle so many different printers using different inks and medias so that color would be consistent for our customers across devices. ONYX Thrive was the only provider who could satisfy our business needs which helped us become more effective, efficient and productive. Having one solution for our entire site also provided benefits we didn’t even consider at first! With ONYX Thrive, we can manage all our production from one location, we save money by doing more in less time, and don’t need to waste time on learning how to use less effective RIPs out of the box. We enjoy how simple it is to be up and running, with a complete print workflow that handles everything in our print shops. We’re also glad to have local support.


ONYX SiteSolutions has large business impact

ONYX, Particularly ONYX Thrive, has had a large impact on our business. With as much equipment as we have running at any one time, Thrive has been instrumental in keeping us fast, reliable and consistent.

We first bought ONYX PosterShop in 2005 and upgraded to ONYX Thrive once we grew and needed network licensing and connectivity between devices, which was especially helpful in keeping operational with any printer downtime. We had looked at Caldera before but they require a new operating system using Linux inside Mac and it’s a costly new hardware. ONYX runs on our systems and doesn’t require us to buy new hardware. I’m not sure people know just how much money that saves! (更多…)