Success Stories

ONYX TruFit maximizes media use for Rapid Prototypes

“Here at Rapid Prototypes, we produce a number of products for our clients including displays, banners, signage, solid structures, tradeshow graphics and packaging. We focus on the retail industry which means our print shop is a diverse mix of many printers and cutters. We have 12 printers in total including Durst, HP, Mimaki, Roland and Summa with ONYX Thrive running our print production.

When we heard about ONYX TruFit, we were excited to find out how it fit into our existing workflow and whether it really could do what it claimed. We tried a free 30-day trial and found it so valuable we didn’t consider an alternative when it came time to buy.



ONYX TruFit levels the print playing field

“Here at Grey Squirrel Digital, we utilize the latest printing technologies from both Epson and HP to produce high resolution indoor and outdoor graphics. We know how important time management can be.

For years we have been looking for a solution from Onyx that would work natively on a Mac which is where we design. Recently, we have been looking into a flatbed router solution. Esko offered a unique piece of software that included a smart nesting package with their devices that had certainly caught our attention. At the same time, we received an email from the Onyx Graphics marketing team about their new product ONYX TruFit.

ONYX TruFit offered shape-based nesting, a double-sided banner workflow for our HP printers and automatic cut file generation of rastered images. The best part, it was being offered at a third of the cost of their competitor!


Dynamite Digital saves valuable time with ONYX Thrive

Thirteen years ago, we needed a RIP that could provide us with simple production and finishing tools, while still producing superior prints for our clients, which is why ONYX software has been our preferred solution.

We started with ONYX ProductionHouse but a few years ago, we outgrew it and upgraded to ONYX Thrive that had network licensing to give us greater control and have just one solution for our entire site.

We’ve been blown away at the RIP speeds and custom workflow automation as well as the best color management tools out there to drive our Vutek H2000 flatbed and HP latex printers.

Since upgrading the ONYX Thrive, our production time has decreased, making the time to get to finished prints so much quicker which makes for a very happy customer.




了解为什么色彩专家选择ONYX软件进行卓越的色彩管理。  Spectrum Graphics的Jared Yoder谈到了ONYX软件如何成为满足印刷行业色彩强烈要求的完美解决方案。

总部位于韩国的Gaon Digitech选择ONYX软件以获得卓越的打印输出精度

ONYX Thrive帮助我们赢得了包括Burberry和奥运会在内的大客户,因为我们在其他解决方案中无法找到出色的质量和色彩一致性,尤其是运行8种不同的打印机。

这使得我们的团队在生产Burberry建筑等大型包装工作时受益。 不仅如此,Swatch Books还减轻了我们的设计师所感受到的压力,他们现在可以轻松找到客户文件的专色。

但是,如果有一个功能对我们有所帮助,那么它将是ONYX Thrive中的ColorCheck和工作流程自动化选项。