ONYX 18 Patch 1 – RIP Products

ONYX 18 Patch 1 Release Notes

  • Resolves an issue where Ink Restriction swatches fail to be read when an RQX file is processed during swatch measurement
  • Adds the ability to select granularity percentage when printing G7 correction swatches
  • Updates text to display registered trademark symbol where applicable
  • Fixes an issue where the button to manually update a printers page size was not working when automatic page size detection was disabled
  • Resolves a confliction with recalibration and automatic page size detection on select printers
  • Changes recalibration so that target densities are not changed under select conditions
  • Using an Xrite i1iO2 with German language no longer results in swatch read error.
  • Fixes an issue where using bleed and trim in a QuickSet would result in the wrong output
  • Resolves an issue where using Conserve Media & offsets together in a nest would result in a print failure
  • Fixes an issue where disabling ‘Display Image Previews in Nest Preview’ would not preview images
  • Resolves Production Manager browser path access vulnerability
  • Fixes an issue where jobs had the potential to change when re-ripped with a different resolution
  • Adds the Cut ID and Barcode information to the Printed Job Log in Rip Queue
  • Resolves an issue where certain files ripped with APPE cause increased preview times