ONYX Legacy Product Registration

Registration codes are no longer provided by ONYX through the application, website, or support email for products 7.2 and older.

You may download and run one of the tools below to complete registration. In order for either of these tools to work successfully, you will need to:

Be running Windows XP Pro SP2 or later, Vista Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate (32 or 64Bit). ONYX software does not run and is not supported for use with Windows XP Home, Server or Windows ME Operating Systems. Version 6.x will not run in anything newer than XP Pro SP3.

Be logged in as a local computer administrator. For assistance with administrator permissions, contact your IT department.

Disable any anti-virus or security software. For assistance with anti-virus software settings, contact your IT department.

Run the tools while all ONYX software is closed.

Download and run one the following automatic registration tools to automatically register your software:

6.5 users click here

7.x users click here

Registration Reset Tool: if the automatic registration tool does not register your software, then you will need the Registration Reset Tool. Running this tool will reset your 30-day registration period and ensure you are able to stay in production. After you download this tool using the link below, be sure to save it to your computer in order to reset your registration each time the 30-day period expires.

Click here to get the Registration Reset Tool


ONYX RIP versions 6.5 through 7.3.2 were released several years ago and are no longer supported. The versions are no longer a part of ONYX maintenance engineering and cannot be modified. In order to ensure that you have the latest enhancements, including the removal of the registration requirement, we recommend that you upgrade your Legacy product to version 12 via ONYX Advantage for Legacy Products.

For information about updating to the latest version of ONYX, you may contact us at +1 888-477-6906, sales@onyxgfx.com, or click here to Locate a reseller.

With ONYX Advantage™ Software Maintenance you get:
Access to the latest features, RIP updates, and new printer drivers as they are released, including version X10
The hottest new printer permissions for your product
Expedited web support for the duration of the agreement