ONYX Color: Innovative color technologies

ONYX Color, the industry leading color engine and integrated color tools, ensures superior color accuracy, color consistency and conformance to standards you can prove to your customers.

Did you know?

Onyx Graphics, Inc. has color at its core with unparalleled knowledge on all aspects of color and color management resulting in our multiple technology patents.
Through an in-house team of color scientists and active involvement with the International Color Consortium (ICC), Onyx Graphics influences worldwide color standards.

Color you can prove:

ColorCheck™, a new set of process control tools for color accuracy, consistency and conformance to standards, provides confidence in meeting customer brand-color needs at the touch of a button.

In-product indicators alert users when to maintain or re-calibrate printers, avoiding print errors.

Additional features:

  • Check how close a print mode can hit Pantone® and brand colors
  • Check consistency of printing over time and across devices
  • Support G7® and Fogra print standards
  • Named color tests for even the most difficult brand color needs
  • Process control with baseline tests
  • Test conformance to ISO offset print standards
  • Check accuracy of an ICC for any print condition
  • Export HTML reports for sharing and archiving.

Powerful tools for stunning color:

ONYX software integrates the ONYX Color engine, new iccMAX compatibility, PosterColor 2.0, ColorCheck and AccuBoost to deliver color accuracy and saturation as well as expanded gamut size for amazing color output.

PosterColor 2.0, next generation technology designed by Onyx Graphics, delivers even greater saturation on solid colors using smart saturation rendering.

Users also benefit from AccuBoost, an iterative ICC profiling technique unique to ONYX software that enables pin-point profile accuracy and tighter tolerances for matching Pantone and brand colors.

Additional features:

  • New ICC build options for higher saturation levels
  • Improved saturation and accuracy for expanded gamut printers
  • Improvements to K ink usage and ICC modeling that maintain image detail in shadow areas, improve apparent smoothness, and produce richer black and darker colors
  • New hue stabilization feature results in larger output gamut size with existing calibration and ink settings and better gamut mapping in saturated colors such as reds and greens

Match Standards:

ONYX software enables verification and matching of standards such as G7 and Fogra with simple tools.

Simply run standards matching tests using ColorCheck across G7, Fogra and ISO standards to ensure output meets customer needs. Print reports to prove to customers superior output.

Additional features:

  • Smart 16-bit processing
  • PowerChroma™ Ink Savings technology with GCR Plus
  • Virtual pixel technology
  • Adaptive ink limiting
  • Media analyzer
  • SwatchBook search for named colors and specialty ink support
  • Choice of unique gamut mapping strategies
  • Separate control of chromatic and achromatic black generation
  • Inclusion of gamut expanding spot colors
  • Table generation for improved interpolation near gamut boundaries
  • Automatically compensates for optical brighteners
  • Specifically measures and compensates for unbalanced inks or hue shifts in primary ink combinations
  • Optimizations of profiles for different lighting conditions

Color management automation using DeviceLink+

DeviceLink+™ transforms the color management experience with an all-new system to achieve consistent color across an entire site.



Make fast, effective, output profile changes without the need to read in new swatches or use a color measurement device.

Color Automation

  • Automatic generation of DeviceLink profiles
  • Streamline workflows with DeviceLink+ QuickSets
  • Easily apply ink savings for any media profile using GCR+

Color Consistency

  • Achieve consistent color across devices with new DeviceLink+ simulation and proofing controls
  • Control ink separations and gamut mapping without reprofiling
  • Combine with ColorCheck to prove superior output to print buyers

Color Accuracy

  • Instantly improve color accuracy across all existing media profiles at the click of a button
  • Retain color saturation with direct color conversion using DeviceLink+

Save up to 30% ink with GCR+™:


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