Choose ONYX for Textile & Dye-Sublimation

Outstanding Color in Textile Print

ONYX software leads the industry in color output for all wide-format print applications including textile and dye-sublimation. 



DeviceLink+ is an all-new system to achieve consistent color across all devices for each textile print application. Make fast, effective, output profile changes without the need to read in new swatches or use a color measurement device.

Color Automation

  • Automatic generation of DeviceLink profiles
  • Streamline workflows with DeviceLink+ QuickSets
  • Easily apply ink savings for any media profile using GCR+

Color Consistency

  • Achieve consistent color across devices with new DeviceLink+ simulation and proofing controls
  • Control ink separations and gamut mapping without reproofing
  • Combine with ColorCheck to prove superior output to print buyers

Color Accuracy

  • Instantly improve color accuracy across all existing media profiles at the click of a button
  • Retain color saturation with direct color conversion using DeviceLink+

New dot patterns perfect for textile and dye-sublimation

Achieve perfection in color and quality with iccMAX v5 profiling and new dot pattern technology choices on all print applications including soft-signage and textile.

Enhanced Stochastic

Eliminate empty space in dot placement with improved correlation between ink channels

Line Stochastic

Add screen angles to the black channel on top of our enhanced stochastic pattern for smoother liner output

Screen Stochastic

Add additional smoothness across black, cyan and magenta channels with screen angles on top of our enhanced stochastic pattern for all other ink channels

Textile Specific Tools


Print application controls

  • Step and Repeat for patterns, stickers and high volume printing
  • Step and Repeat QuickSets for complete workflow automation
  • New Rendering technology increases Step and Repeat job performance
  • Colorways for patterns with unique color combinations
  • Ink Configuration Builder for custom ink set ordering

Print productivity tools

  • Color Swatch Books to manage any brand color
  • Disproportionate scaling for media optimization
  • Automatic Nesting with Large Previews to see layout
  • Group jobs by tiles, jobs or both to optimize media
  • Full cutting support to reduce finish work
  • Nest trim box to save time weeding printed jobs

Innovative color tools

  • DeviceLink+* to automate color management and simulate output across devices
  • ColorCheck* to literally prove color output quality, consistency and conformance to standards
  • AccuBoost iterative ICC profiling for pin point profile accuracy
  • iccMAX v5. profiling for color accuracy and support for PDF 2.0 features
  • ChromaBoost for added saturation
  • PosterColor 2.0 for image vibrancy on solid colors
*ColorCheck requires a valid ONYX Advantage Gold subscription, DeviceLink+ requires profiling


To find out how ONYX Textile Edition Software with our latest version of industry leading tools can help your business grow into the textile and dye-sublimation market, simply fill out the form below and an ONYX representative will reach out shortly.


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