Success Stories

Chinese print company Xin Ma Che chooses ONYX Thrive workflow software for its simplicity, convenience, and ability to reduce costs

“We first started using ONYX 10 years ago and since then have grown to a larger shop which includes 10 printers from EPSON, HP and a local Chinese brand called Grando. Our shareholders had heard about other solutions but once they saw how fast, easy and convenient ONYX Thrive is to use across our entire print production network, it was easy to see ONYX as the clear winner.”

ONYX gives us consistent color across all our devices which is extremely hard to do, especially here in China where there are so many replacement inks from local manufacturers. ONYX gives us amazing output and it’s always the same no matter the printer, the ink or the media we use! It’s saved us time, money and something people often miss is that ONYX works on our existing system, so we saved money right away by not needing to buy a new computer. (more…)

Imaginators use ONYX Thrive to help create stunning giant graphics for iconic events

The team at Imaginators, a UK specialist in large, wide and superwide format digital print solutions, knows that accuracy, speed and colour consistency are all essential for creating the kind of stunning results their clients have come to expect.

The company serves market sectors including music, events, experiential, sport, retail, exhibition and outdoor advertising and says that their highly efficient workflow and the consistency and quality of output rely on using ONYX Thrive, which they’ve scaled up as the business has developed. (more…)

Proving to be a true advantage for productivity and profitability in wide-format printing

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 30, 2018 — Onyx Graphics, Inc., the market leader in powerful and reliable wide-format and grand-format RIP and print workflow software, has taken the financial sting out of print errors with ColorCheck, a process control toolset for color accuracy, consistency, and conformance to standards such as G7 and FOGRA. With ColorCheck, which was introduced this summer with ONYX 18, Print Service Providers can have confidence in meeting customer color expectations.



ONYX software proves to be the only solution for power, speed and reliability.

 “We are a smaller company with expertise in POS-graphics, banners, signs, displays, as well as façade cladding; but we have to operate on a global scale to serve our local, regional and even international customers.

Being efficient in printing right the first time is crucial in making our company successful, meaning we cannot afford to waste ink and media from reworks or print mistakes. It’s also imperative that we have the right

solution that can handle our files- which can include up to 200 PDF graphics per job!

We first purchased ONYX ProductionHouse in 2009, while running version 6.5, and quickly saw that ONYX was the right solution for our business. As our company grew to seven printers, including an HP 365, HP Designjets Z6800 and a brand new HP R1000, we wanted to see what more we could do with ONYX. We looked for a scalable solution with intuitive automation controls to maximize our production environment.

We needed a solution that could handle multiple RIPs at the same time, so we converted to ONYX Thrive. After our conversion, we instantly saw an increase in our production speed and capacity. We were able to maximize our investment using Quick Sets, which has saved us 70% in operating time for recurring print jobs. This is no small feat! Because of this, we’ve been able to substantially grow our business. (more…)

Brazilian dye-sublimation and textile giant Batbola succeeds with ONYX

“We have been in the wide-format print industry for over 18 years and moved into the dye-sublimation and textile printing industry 10 years ago. Since then we have grown to become one of the largest print providers of sports uniforms for all sport modalities in Brazil and have a whole team dedicated to quality, transparency and meeting the needs of our customers.

For us, we had to find a solution that works for all our printing needs, especially textile that gives the kind of color our customers expect and color that doesn’t change over time. Only ONYX Thrive gave us the tools to prove our color output to our customers with ColorCheck. Our files were of better quality in ONYX and we still saved ink even with more saturation.

This is just one thing though, we also get to RIP more files faster than ever before, use Swatch Books for specialty named colors which cuts down our production time and the fact we can edit jobs from within ONYX instead of using a design software means we saved even more time, improving our output capacity to take on more clients. (more…)