ONYX 2020 Conversion Promotion

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What it is:

To mark the start of the year anniversary of Onyx Graphics driving innovation in the wide- and grand-format print industry, the company is giving two exclusive promotions which will run until June 30th, 2020.

The promotions are:

Option 1: 20% off conversion pricing for ONYX Thrive

What else is included?

  • FREE Upgrade to ONYX 19
  • ONYX Hub business intelligence for better business decisions FREE for 60 days
  • ColorCheck to literally prove output accuracy to print buyers FREE for 60 days



Option 2: 10% off the cost of ONYX Advantage Gold or Silver subscription for early renewal


How it works:

  1. Request a conversion to ONYX Thrive for your customer as normal or request a 10% discount on their ONYX Advantage Gold or Silver subscription
  2. Trade in your customer’s existing ONYX RIP or competitive RIP product
  3. Onyx Graphics will activate your promotion

Qualifying products:
All ONYX RIP Products and competitive trade-ins which may also qualify for trade-in discount. Ask your ONYX representative for more details.





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