Marco Fine Arts

Delivering Superior Quality Fine Art Reproductions

Based in Hawthorne, California, Marco Fine Arts is a full service production house offering everything from printing to framing. Founded in 1984, Marco Fine Arts now lead the industry in high-end giclée reproductions. Marco Fine Arts is the largest specialty printing company in the United States specializing in fine art.

Andrew Lawrence, Print Technical Supervisor at Marco Fine Arts, shared his experience with ONYX Thrive:

“Hardware choice is important to the quality, reputation and profitability of a fine arts reproduction house. Before converting to ONYX Thrive, we had over 60 printers running on multiple RIP technologies. We are growing fast and constantly adding new devices to meet customer demand. With our variety of printers and RIP technology, workflow automation was lacking and, as you can imagine, color management was nearly impossible.MFA

We were wasting time calibrating and adjusting when we added a new device. Our solution was ONYX Thrive. We choose ONYX Thrive because it makes scalability, seamless. ONYX Thrive runs all of our devices and enables us to have workflow and color management “under one roof”. Before ONYX, adding a new printer could have meant days of downtime; with ONYX, workflow automation and queue management is easy. We rip almost 6000 files a day so speed was another important factor for us. I have noticed a huge improvement in ripping time for contone files; ONYX is fast and allows us to constantly feed our printers from independent rip stations.

Our color management under ONYX has vastly improved. ONYX’s propriety color management engine allows us to sync our custom profiles and get consistent color from any device we add. Our high profile artists and clients demand quality and color matter to them. The simplicity and color management tools in ONYX allow us to effortlessly meet our deadlines and exceed expectations. The color management tools save us time and materials, making us more profitable but more importantly, our customers are satisfied with the completed print.
We print museum quality jobs; media for this can be costly. The cost of ink and time was also a big concern and I am always looking to save in these areas. With ONYX we have seen a significant decrease in both ink and media usage. I am not monitoring the costs but I absolutely have ink savings and know we are less wasteful using ONYX tools and automation to monitor media and time usage.

Marco Fine Arts Inc. consistently pushes the envelope, integrating new printing methodologies while maintaining the integrity and consistency that are prerequisites to museum standards of quality. MFA prides itself on producing only the best quality work, which we believe is essential to maintaining our reputation in the business. ONYX Thrive enables us to deliver superior quality and helps maintain our reputation.”

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