Licensing Transition Details

SRM/LDK Licensing Transition

With the release of our newest version of ONYX software, product licensing will change from the current (HASP4) hardware technology, to a new and improved hardware technology (SRM/LDK). This new licensing not only introduces better security for our software, it also increases the scope of features which are being developed and licensed by Onyx Graphics, Inc. SRM/LDK licensing is a USB hardware-based software protection key technology that will run on the majority of hardware dongles that have been issued by Onyx Graphics in the past 7 years. Any license key which was issued before January 2008 will not be compatible with this new licensing and will need to be replaced (see hardware key compatibility).

Principal Differences

For those who are familiar with our current HASP4 licensing technology, there are a few significant differences with the SRM/LDK licensing which could affect the key update process and/or the compatibility of existing USB hardware dongles:

  1. Licensing with expiration requires a specific timed dongle
    • Licensing that includes an expiration — such as demos, evaluations, replacements, or temporary updates requiring a product return — can only be added to a timed hardware dongle
    • Timed keys differ in appearance from non-timed keys; they are larger and contain a battery which maintains the expiration information for SRM/LDK licensing (see hardware key compatibility)
  2. Expirations will not begin until licensing is accessed for the first time
    • Unlike HASP4 licensing, where expirations begin the day a key is licensed or updated, SRM/LDK expirations will not start counting down until the licensing is accessed for the first time
    • Licensing is accessed any time the dongle is used for an installation or to launch any ONYX software program that requires a key to run (this includes reading the license information through the “What’s On My Key” key viewer tool)
  3. All KeyFiles must be run on SRM/LDK license keys
    • With HASP4 licensing, a newer update could be run for the license without running any previous update that may have been skipped
    • However, with SRM/LDK licensing, the hardware dongle will detect if a previous update has not been run on the key and will require that any missing updates be run first


Hardware Key Compatibility

Obviously, it will be important to determine if an existing hardware dongle is compatible with SRM/LDK licensing.  It is equally important to determine whether or not it is a timed key if an update that includes expiration needs to be licensed (i.e. demos, evaluations, etc.). This compatibility information is listed in the ONYX Key Look-up*. In the license data section, two pieces of information are listed; “Is SRM/LDK capable” and “Is time key.” The following scenarios would apply:


Hardware key is not compatible

  • Is SRM/LDK capable: NO
    • Key predates the distribution of SRM/LDK compatible hardware
    • Key cannot be used for any ONYX 12 licensing
    • Key will need to be replaced with a newer hardware dongle (see key replacement procedure)

Hardware key is compatible but is non-timed

  • Is SRM/LDK capable: YES
  • Is time key: NO
    • Key cannot be used for a ONYX 12 demo, evaluation, or other temporary license and would need to be replaced with a newer hardware dongle (see key replacement procedure)
    • Key can be used for a full (non-expiring) license only

Hardware key is compatible and is timed

  • Is SRM/LDK capable: YES
  • Is time key: YES
    • Key can be used for any ONYX 12 update


* The 5-8 digit hexadecimal serial number for the license dongle should be entered in the “Key Number” field

Key Replacement Procedure

If it is determined that a replacement is necessary for any existing hardware dongle, Onyx Graphics will replace the key at no charge. However, we do require that the existing key be returned to Onyx Graphics in exchange for the new one. Any replacement key will be shipped with a 30 day expiration and will include a Return Material Authorization (RMA) with further details about the return process.

Once the previous key has been received, a KeyFile will be issued to either remove or extend the expiration from the new hardware dongle.  A valid e-mail address should be provided with a copy of the RMA form to ensure proper delivery of this KeyFile. Onyx Graphics is not responsible for lost, late, or misdirected packages. It is vital that you send your shipment via a traceable method (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.); standard mailing services should NOT be used.

Part Number Changes

Along with the implementation of this new licensing technology, it will be necessary for ONYX to create a new set of part numbers in our system to accommodate the production of ONYX 12 product, separate from the ONYX 11.x product being generated today. To help make this as simple as possible for our customers, this will only mean a minor change to the prefix of existing part numbers:


Part Number Type Existing Part Number Prefix New Part Number Prefix
New Package SRX-####### SRM-#######
Conversions CV-####### CVM-#######
Stock Package MC-####### MCM-#######
Quantity Option OP-####### OPA-#######


Special Note: Advantage service part numbers and third party hardware parts (e.g. X-Rite i1 Pro 2 Spectrophotometer) will not change as a result of this licensing transition

Complete price lists with these new part numbers will be distributed with the release documentation of ONYX 12. Onyx Graphics will continue to accept orders with old part number prefixes as long as it is necessary for customers to make the change in their system. We encourage our customers to make these changes as soon as possible to avoid any confusion with order invoicing.

Conclusion & Preparations

To ensure the fastest turnaround time for any update from HASP4 licensing to the new SRM/LDK licensing, we encourage our customers to verify their dongle’s compatibility using the ONYX Key Look-up well in advance of any orders being placed for the key. If a replacement is necessary, it will take a minimum of two business days for domestic shipments and up to five business days for international shipments to receive a new hardware dongle.  We recognize that this may affect installation schedules so it is very important to plan ahead.

Onyx Graphics started a gradual transition of licensing from HASP4 to SRM/LDK in May 2015. New product will start to be shipped with SRM/LDK licensing before the release of ONYX 12 to ensure a smooth transition for any new customers who purchase between May and the official release of ONYX 12.