ONYX Thrive 642
ONYX Thrive 642


ONYX Thrive 642

ONYX Thrive workflow software is a scalable print production solution based on Adobe® PDF Print Engine technology. ONYX Thrive is a true end-to-end PDF workflow from digital file submission through color management, printing and cutting. The Thrive Production Manager browser-based user interface enables workflow control from anywhere, optimizing both operator and output device productivity. ONYX Thrive software manages the wide format print production workflow process offering print service providers accurate, predictable, high quality printing results, and reducing costly errors.

ONYX Thrive 642 configuration is designed for service providers that want to invest in workflow software to manage their print production environment rather than purchase separate raster image processor (RIP) products that require individual operator attention. Print service providers can feel confident about investing in workflow software that fits the way their shops work today, with the peace of mind that comes with the ability to scale their ONYX Thrive software as business grows.

ONYX Thrive 642
ONYX Thrive 642


Eliminate late stage surprises and have confidence in the predictable output enabled by the Adobe® PDF Print Engine in rasterizing complex graphic design effects, including transparency layers, mixed color spaces and spot color handling. Achieve fewer prepress cycles and reduce the overhead costs of each job.

ONYX Thrive 642


Maximize throughput with a high performance software architecture that harnesses the scalability of the Adobe® PDF Print Engine regardless of the number of output devices in the print production environment. Automate repetitive tasks, optimize media used, and reduce waste using Quick Sets™ and advanced nesting.

ONYX Thrive 642


Scale your workflow as business grows by simply adding software modules. Add RIP power independent of adding devices, ensuring printers and cutters are fed at maximum capacity. Distribute manual tasks upstream, automate downstream and significantly reduce turnaround times.

Key Features

  • Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3 with Adobe® Normalizer
  • Award winning 32-bit ONYX Color Engine
  • Unique PowerChroma™ Black Generation with new GCR Plus and Ink Saving control
  • ICC profile creation with new Vivid Color gamut mapping
  • Easy recalibration tool
  • Highly automated color profiling with Black Diamond control
  • Built in Pantone Plus®, RAL, and HSK® color libraries
  • Automated and manual named spot color replacement
  • White and specialty ink tools
  • Job Editor tool which includes color managed previews
  • Recognized as a G7 Support Tool
  • Quick Sets™ and unlimited hot folders
  • RIP-and-Print on the fly while RIPPING multiple files simultaneously
  • Smart 16 bit™ Processing
  • Multi-Page PDF splitting
  • Automated nesting with rotation
  • Automated or custom tiling
  • Printer pooling with automated allocation of print jobs
  • Automated print-and-cut workflow
  • Robust cut path management tools
  • Unlimited Thrive Production Manager
  • Network based site licensing
  • Distributable workflow modules
  • Add processing and printing capabilities independently



Did you know?
The ONYX Thrive configurations are named according to the number of RIPs (6), the number of printers (4), and the number of Job Editor workstations (2) included. So now you know why we call this one the ONYX Thrive
 642 configuration.

ONYX Thrive 642
Adobe® PDF Print Engine  with Adobe® Normalizer 6
Printers – Grand or Wide 4
Job Editor 2
Layout Tool 1
Thrive Production Manager unlimited
ICC Profile Generator included
Cutters roll-to-roll and flatbed

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ONYX Thrive 642

Driving Smarter Workflows with a scalable PDF Solution

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System Requirements

Main Workflow System Distributed Workstations
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 7
Professional operating system
(SP1 or Higher)
Microsoft® Windows® 7
Professional operating system
(SP1 or Higher)
Processor Intel® Core™ i7 or equivalent Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor or equivalent
RAM 2 GB/processing core 2 GB/processing core
Hard Drive Multiple Hard Drives
• 1 dedicated system drive
• 1 dedicated drive for ONYX
Thrive (500+ Gb free space)
250 GB Free Space
Network Connectivity Gigabit Gigabit


Thrive Production Manager Requirements
Macintosh®, Windows® PC, or mobile device web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE 9)


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System Requirement Icons
System Requirement Icons
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