Specialty Graphics


Specialty Graphics

The process for printing specialty graphics is optimized with the ONYX Thrive Workflow and the CUT-Server feature

  • Save or drop a prepared image file to the shared network hot folder
    (Hot folders are unlimited and can be easily configured in ONYX Software to automate production. Hot folders are associated with ONYX Quick Sets)
  • All hot folder settings are automatically applied
  • Use Job Editor for any resizing, tiling, or minor color edits
  • Jobs can be set to automatically print or nest together with other jobs with similar settings
  • Use ONYX CUT-Server to manage the cutting of printed material
  • Finish as necessary


Color Profiling can be a critical tool when dealing with new media and specialty applications. Completed color profiles are automatically made available to the workflow software. Visit the ONYX Color webpage for more information.


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To learn more, visit the ONYX Thrive Workflow webpage.