This table lists the manufacturers and cutters that are currently supported by ONYX. Select an individual manufacturer to see a list of specific cutters that are supported.

Allen DatagraphAllen DatagraphRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
AmeidaAmeidaFlatbed12.2 & higher
AristoAristo CutterFlatbed11.0 & higher
AXYZAXYZFlatbed12.1 & higher
CenonCenon CutterFlatbed12.1 & higher
CETAndesFlatbed12.1 & higher
ColexColex SharpCutFlatbed11.0 & higher
DicusDicus (all devices)XY11.0 & higher
DYSSDYSSFlatbed11.0 & higher
ElitronElitron CutterFlatbed11.0 & higher
EskoKongsberg/I-CutFlatbed11.0 & higher
FlexaFlexa (all devices)XY11.0 & higher
FotobaFotoba (all devices)XY11.0 & higher
GCCGCC Expert 24 LXRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GCCGCC Jaguar IVRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GCCGCC Puma IIIRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GCCGCC Jaguar VRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GenericGeneric CutterN/A11.0 & higher
GenericGeneric DXFN/A11.0 & higher
GenericGeneric HPGL CutterN/A11.0 & higher
GerberGerber FasTrack 1000Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber FasTrack 1300Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber FasTrack 650Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber FasTrack 750Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber M-3000Flatbed11.0 & higher
GerberGerber M-1200Flatbed11.0 & higher
GerberGerber OdysseyRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber Odyssey XPRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber P2C 1200Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber P2C 1400Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber P2C 1400 TRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber P2C 1600Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber P2C 1600TRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber P2C 600Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GerberGerber P2C 600 OPOSRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec CE 5000Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec CE3000Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec CE6000Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec FCX2000Roll-to-Roll19 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec FC2250Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec FC4500Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec FC5100Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec FC7000Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec FCX4000Roll-to-Roll19 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec FC7000MK2Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec FC8000Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
GraphtecOptimaRoll-to-Roll19 & higher
GraphtecGraphtec FC8600Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
HP LatexHP Latex CutterRoll-to-Roll12.2 & higher
I-CutKongsberg/I-CutFlatbed11.0 & higher
IEchoiEchoFlatbed12.2 & higher
IolineIoline SmartracRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
JingweiJingweiFlatbed12.0 & higher
KarvBK 3Flatbed19 & higher
MCTVersatechFlatbed19 & higher
MimakiMimaki CG 130FXRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MimakiMimaki CG160FXRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MimakiMimaki CG75FXRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MimakiMimaki CG-SRIIIRoll-to-Roll12.0 & higher
MimakiMimaki CJV30Print and Cut11.0 & higher
MimakiMimaki CJV300/150Print and Cut11.1.2 & higher
MultiCamMultiCam CutterFlatbed11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh KonaRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-ProRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-1000Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-1000ERoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-1300Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-1300ERoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-550Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-650Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-650ERoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-750Roll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh SC-750ERoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh Ultima SC-1400DRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh Ultima SC-850DRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
MutohMutoh ValueCutRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
OceOce ProCutFlatbed11.1 & higher
OptiSCOUTOptiSCOUT CutterFlatbed11.1 & higher
ProtekProtekFlatbed12.0 & higher
RolandRoland CAMM-1 CutterRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
RolandRoland CAMM-1 GX CutterRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
RolandRoland CAMM-1 Pro CutterRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
RolandRoland CJ & SCPrint and Cut11.0 & higher
RolandRoland GRRoll-to-Roll12.1 & higher
RolandRoland LEC-540Print and Cut11.0 & higher
RolandRoland LEC-330Print and Cut11.0 & higher
RolandRoland VersaCAMM SP-300VPrint and Cut11.0 & higher
RolandRoland VersaCAMM SP-540VPrint and Cut11.0 & higher
RolandRoland VersaCAMM VS-640iPrint and Cut11.0 & higher
RolandRoland VersaCAMM VS-540iPrint and Cut11.0 & higher
RolandRoland VersaCAMM VS-300iPrint and Cut11.0 & higher
RolandRoland XC-540Print and Cut11.0 & higher
RolandRoland XRPrint and Cut11.0 & higher
SummaSumma F SeriesRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
SummaSumma S-Class DRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
SummaSumma S-Class TRoll-to-Roll18.5 & higher
SummaSummaCut DRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
SummaSummaCut TRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
SummaSummaSign DRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
SummaSummaSign TRoll-to-Roll11.0 & higher
TrotecCutterFlatbed12.2 & higher
VHFCenonFlatbed12.2 & higher
ValianiCutterFlatbed12.2 & higher
ZundZund Cut CenterFlatbed11.0 & higher
ZundZund Touch&CutFlatbed11.0 & higher


*Version indicates the software version the driver was originally created to work with. Full functionality with the latest printer’s firmware may require the latest version of ONYX software and driver. Drivers evolve over time based on new RIP and printer technology. The latest firmware may not be fully compatible with older drivers.