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ONYX Advantage

Software Maintenance That Keeps Your Software Current and Secures Your Investment

Get the latest version of ONYX Software as well as all the latest drivers for printers, cutters and color devices FREE through ONYX Advantage. Use the form below to request more information.

ONYX Advantage™ is so much more than a cost effective way to keep your RIP and print workflow software current. It provides an easy way to get all the latest features as we continue to innovate and develop our products. You gain immediate access to ONYX software upgrades, versions and releases as well as the hundreds of new and existing drivers for printers, cutters and color devices. As an added benefit, ONYX Advantage contract holders have access to an expansive library of on-demand videos covering product training and application support.

ONYX Advantage programs: Choose the right program to match your software

ONYX Advantage™ includes specific programs to match your product. ONYX Advantage Gold and Silver are premier programs for the ONYX SiteSolutions family of products including ONYX Hub, ONYX Thrive and ONYX Connect. ONYX Advantage is also available for our RIP products including ONYX RIPCenter, ONYX PosterShop and ONYX ProductionHouse.

Upgrade your system to the latest version of ONYX software and save up to 25% on the cost of product updates over 3 years.

Benefits of ONYX Advantage:

  • Security – Comes from knowing you will always have the most current technology from ONYX
    • Always have access to the latest developments
  • Peace of Mind – Knowing you have access to new printer drivers, new product features or functionality, and product training which are all included in the contract price
    • Avoid surprise costs and secure your investment
  • Value – An amazing value when compared to acquiring features and services separately
    • Access to ONYX software upgrades, versions and releases
    • Availability to new and existing printer drivers*
    • Access to ONYX on-demand videos covering product training and application support
  • Live! Web-based Training  – An easy way to get up to the minute training
    • Customers with active ONYX Advantage contracts receive unlimited, complimentary web-based training.


New for ONYX Thrive customers, Onyx Graphics has introduced a new tier of ONYX Advantage which gives agreement holders a seamless and simple access to our newest product, ONYX Hub. ONYX Advantage is available for our classic range of RIP products, with ONYX Advantage Silver and ONYX Advantage Gold specific to ONYX Thrive and ONYX Hub customers.

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*ONYX Advantage for RIPCenter limited to RIPCenter family of available printers

For more information, please contact your Authorized ONYX Reseller.



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