ONYX Color Features

ONYX Color is color management software integrated in premium ONYX RIP and Workflow software products.  ONYX Color provides the tools needed to build color profiles for all ink and media types, control ink costs, and maintain consistent output from print-to-print and device-to-device.

Key Features

  • Smart 16-bit processing
  • 32-bit floating point precision for ICC color management
  • PowerChroma™ Ink Savings technology with GCR Plus
  • Postercolor rendering intent
  • Automated ink restrictions
  • Virtual pixel technology
  • Adaptive ink limiting
  • Recalibration- being able to get back to a known state allows customers to establish and maintain predictable results using process control.
  • Advanced Custom ICC Profiling Features:
    • Choice of unique gamut mapping strategies
    • Separate control of chromatic and achromatic black generation
    • Ink savings with UCR/GCR Plus
    • Inclusion of gamut expanding spot colors
    • Table generation for improved interpolation near gamut boundaries
    • Automatically compensates for optical brighteners
    • Specifically measures and compensates for unbalanced inks or hue shifts in primary ink combinations
    • Optimizations of profiles for different lighting conditions


Download the brochure to learn more about ONYX Color