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Big data has finally arrived in the wide-format and grand-format print industry, bringing business and production together to make better business decisions.


ONYX Hub is the world’s first business intelligence tool for wide-format and grand-format printing environments.


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Entire Site Visibility
Immediate visibility into your entire printing environment

Business owners and production managers need tools that make it easy to manage production and see their company’s costs and productivity.

What critical issues need answers in today’s print shops?

“Where is my job?”

“Why is there so much media in the waste bin?”

“Are we even making money on these jobs?”

“How are we going to get everything done today?”

Onyx Graphics has taken a unique approach at bringing real-time production data into the market, through an innovative data platform that provides real-time information and accurate production reporting.

Licensed on any ONYX Thrive network key, the ONYX Hub server is easy to install in any size print shop, and with just a few clicks can be shared to any web browser giving instant real-time data for your entire site.

real-time data
Dynamic Production Reporting
View ink usage and media waste to increase profitability

Business owners  worry about profits and productivity

How many times do you hear, “Is my shop profitable?”, or “Did I make any money on that job?”

ONYX Hub gives owners reports using rich data about actual job details:

  • Live Views
  • Historic Job Details
  • Reports for Media and Ink usage


Stop guessing if you’re making any money and start using real data.

dashboard reporting
Data Driven Decisions
Let your print production speak to you for better business decisions

ONYX Software is in a unique position to answer the question “Where is my job?”

With the unique ONYX Print Data Platform, Production Managers and Business owners can see the entire shop using a single solution:

Data platform to aggregate all production information

Ability to track jobs in real-time

View printing details from any computer using a browser interface

Gather valuable production data and make better business decisions based on real-time data

ONYX Print Data Platform

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