Download Manager


With the ONYX Printer Driver and Profile Download Manager, you can download the latest printer drivers and media profiles. The Download Manager application also offers the ability to get printer driver updates.


  • First, download the ONYX Printer Driver and Profile Download Manager software
  • Once the download is complete, double-click the file and follow the instructions in the wizard to install the program.
  • After you have installed the Printer and Profile Download Manager, you can open it from the Start Menu in Windows.
  • Select your Printer Make and Model, and then select which Media you would like to download.
  • The media you select will download as a “Printer install file” or “.prninst”.

If this is a new installation, you can simply run the Printer install file or .prninst to install the printer and media selected.

If you want to simply import your media into an existing installation, open the ONYX RIP and go to “Configure Printer”, the “Media” tab, and click “Import”. Browse to the Printer install file or “.prninst” and proceed to import the media you have downloaded.



When using the ONYX Printer & Profile Download Manager, the software validates your key before the download commences. Some users have experienced problems when the Download Manager tries to complete this process. Because this validation goes to an https server to check the key through port 443, unblocking this port should resolve the issue.

Installing Printer Drivers and Profiles

View this quick video to learn more about installing printer drivers and profiles.