Success Stories

“We print A LOT! We print on various materials across many different machines and ONYX runs our entire site.”

FASTSIGNS Chattanooga ONYX RIP software

“We print A LOT! We print on various materials across many different machines and ONYX runs our entire site. We print to 3 roll to roll printers and 3 flatbed printers, every day, 24/7 so having a RIP software we can depend on is a must for our success. The volume we are able to print day to day is down to ONYX software. It’s fast, precise and a single platform from start to finish. We also have customers who depend on us to ensure color is consistent from location to location on many different types of material. ONYX software is the only site solution that we could depend on the same way our customers depend on us. Their support line is excellent, the software has the fastest RIP and runs nonstop plus the color consistency helps us keep our promises to our customers so they keep coming back.

We use ONYX Thrive, one of the ONYX SiteSolution products, to keep our productivity up as we can change our production workflow as we see fit to meet the needs of our customers. Without this network feature we’d be in a bind. One of the unique things, however, that we couldn’t do without, is the ability to search for old jobs and send multiple files that go into the same RIP queue as different files. It helps us keep on top of our production. One other feature we love is the built in G7 verification which complements our G7 master qualification on grayscale images. So many of our customers don’t realize how grayscales can print differently using different inks. It’s been a great help to our customers. (more…)

“We have no time for guess work with our time constraints, it has to be perfect and it has to be now! ONYX does that for us.”

“We originally bought ONYX PosterShoandretti with ONYX RIP softwarep in 2009 but as we upgraded our HP Latex machines and bought more machines and new computers in 2016, we needed a single solution to run everything on a network. We’ve always been impressed with ONYX software so as we upgraded our hardware it was only natural for us to upgrade to the network license ONYX Thrive to run all of our machines across our entire site.

But it’s so much more than that, we’re a race team, we travel all over the country and we often need work printed at the drop of a hat or if we have a last minute change on the car that needs to be wrapped to show our colors and those of our sponsors. ONYX Thrive, as part of the ONYX SiteSolutions product family, has unbelievable RIP speeds (we like speed, we are a race team after all) and it’s dependable! I know that the job I did 5 seconds ago is going to look the same as the job I did 6 months ago, we have no time for guess work with our time constraints, it has to be perfect and it has to be now! ONYX does that for us.


“Before purchasing ONYX, we carefully tested several other RIP-manufacturers but found the best solution in ONYX.”

“We’ve been in the printing industry for over 120 years, growing to a great team of 300 experts working across 3 printing plants in 1 location, with a 20,000 square meters printing environment, open 365 days a year. Over the years we moved to digital inkjet printing and have had our run with different RIP software.

We decided that as a business, we needed something to help us grow and scale our efforts to do more in less time which helped lead us to ONYX software. Before purchasing ONYX, we carefully tested several other RIP manufacturers but found the best solution in ONYX. Everyone said they had a solution just for us but after trying it, it was ONYX that really spoke to us. We moved from ONYX PosterShop to ONYX ProductionHouse and then to ONYX Thrive in 2013 because we needed one solution for our entire site.

ONYX Thrive really helped us because it brought with it a network capability nobody else had. We were able to move our production between machines based on the needs of the day and could upgrade to 14 digital LFP RIP stations in one go! We loved that ONYX had the fastest RIP times, the newest PDF engines and easy color profiling to get the highest color consistency across different devices or technologies. This is especially important when we need to hit corporate colors consistently.


Customer Testimonial: Diadeis New York

Diadeis ( is one of the world’s leading design and premedia agencies operating globally with local offices across the world. The Diadeis scope of services covers the entire range of a brand’s production and graphic management requirements. The company counts among its clients the top names in healthcare, beauty products, automotive, broadcasting and consumer goods.


Delivering Superior Quality Fine Art Reproductions

In 2000, Des Moines Blue Print Company and its division, Beeline Color Center merged identities to become Beeline + Blue. Today, they are a member of ReproMAX and print anything from wall graphics to museum displays. We spoke with their Production Manager, E.M. Leonard III, who has been with the company for 16 years.

When he came to Beeline + Blue they were in the process of purchasing an Océ Arizona 180; it came bundled with their choice of RIP. E.M. was familiar with ONYX, he was a beta tester for Version 4, and he chose the ONYX RIP for their new printer. When others at Beeline + Blue saw what it was capable of, ONYX became their default for future RIP purchases.