Do even more with ONYX Thrive – Aleyant announces tFLOW integration

    ONYX users can now do even more to automate their workflow with the announcement of Aleyant integrating their submission tool tFLOW with ONYX Thrive. Aleyant tFLOW is an auto-receive and submit connection tool which allows direct job submission to HotFolders and can automate items such as the number of copies needed.

    Customers can connect over any network and submit jobs to ONYX Thrive from any Web-to-Print solution with Aleyant tFLOW. From their press release: 

    “Aleyant tFLOW is a powerful digital workflow automation and customer service solution for commercial, large format, label, and specialty graphics that is integrated into the Aleyant ecosystem. tFLOW simplifies and automates difficult file management tasks and processes to increase efficiency and production throughput. tFLOW can auto-receive files via your Aleyant Pressero™ storefront, or third-party Web-to-Print solution. Imagine having jobs automatically checked and fixed as they arrive instead of letting them pile up in your inbox. Automatically send proof files to your clients for approval. Auto-send print-ready production files to specific departments, or 3rd party imposition, RIPs, or cutters. Use tFlow’s built-in collaboration, chat, and review feature with customers and your team to eliminate email chains, text messages and calls.”

    To find out more about ONYX Thrive and the easiest way to upgrade to the latest version – visit our ONYX Advantage page here. For the full Aleyant press release, click here.

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