ONYX Textile ONYX 11 Celebrating 25 years of Innovation

End-User Certification

Onyx Graphics is offering hands-on classroom certification on our award-winning RIP software, each session provides increased knowledge and guidance in an interactive training environment. This program provides an in-depth working knowledge of ONYX software to optimize operator productivity.

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New on ONYX TV

ONYX Textile Edition software includes all the functionality of ONYX 11 software with the addition of textile specific features that can save time and reduce waste. Our new video "Printing Wallpaper with ONYX Textile Edition Software" explains how features such as Step & Repeat and Colorways simplify the wallpaper application.

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Introducing iccMAX

ICC color management meets the goal of creating, promoting and encouraging the standardization of an open color management system architecture and components. Max Derhak, ICC Vice Chair, Chair of the ICC Architecture Working Group and Principal Color Scientist at Onyx Graphics comments on iccMAX the new color management system developed in ICC Labs.

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